Attention! Here Are the Winners of the Backstage Exclusive Inner Circle Contest

Hello, fellow Backstagers! Here we are for a big announcement.

It’s time to let you guys know who the lucky Backstage Exclusive Inner Circle Contest winners are.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for all the support! Second, we are proud to have had thousands of participants joining the contest — much more than we expected. We are very happy to give our supporters the chance of owning a Backstage NFT and becoming part of the Backstage Exclusive Inner Circle family.

As you know, Backstage wanted to find a way to celebrate the amazing work done in 2021 and decided the best way to do this would be to host a holiday NFT promo contest. Winners would have a lifetime membership for the Backstage Exclusive Inner Circle and an exclusive BKS NFT.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the list of winners:

Exclusive Inner Circle Contest Results

Did you win? Search your wallet address to see!

To refresh your memory, let’s quickly go over the contest rules and details:

Backstage Exclusive Inner Circle Contest Details

The contest was done through a GiveLab campaign. Here’s the contest link:

Again, here’s the link to the winners list:

The GiveLab campaign started on December 15 and went through December 25. To win the GiveLab campaign, participants had to perform a total of twelve tasks supporting the Backstage community. Each task earned points. Those with the most points had the best chance to win a BKS NFT and BKS tokens.

The tasks were:

  1. Follow the Backstage Twitter: 35 points
  2. Join the Backstage Telegram Group: 35 points
  3. Join the Backstage Announcement Channel on Telegram:
  4. Retweet the Backstage Promo Contest Tweet: 35 points
  5. Tweet This Contest on Twitter & Tag 3 Friends: 35 points
  6. Subscribe to the Backstage YouTube Channel: 35 points
  7. Visit the Backstage Instagram Page: 20 points
  8. Visit the Backstage Facebook Page: 20 points
  9. Refer 5 Friends for Extra Entries: 25 points
  10. Follow Ground Zero on Twitter: 20 points
  11. Join Ground Zero — The Source Telegram Group: 20 points
  12. Provide Your BSC Address: 30 points

Here are the details on the contest prize pool:

  • Total Prize Pool: 225K BKS tokens + 25 BKS Main NFTs ($9500+ USD total value)
  • Total Number of Winners: 300

25 winners would get 2500 BKS tokens (value of ~$57.5 USD), plus an exclusive BKS Main NFT (value of $175 USD)

50 winners would get 1000 BKS tokens (value of ~$23 USD)

225 winners would get 500 BKS tokens (value of ~$11.5 USD)

Estimated price for the prizes per BKS Token and BKS NFT:

1 BKS Token = $0.023 USD*

  • BKS price has changed to $0.023 (up from $0.022). This change occurred due to our updated tokenomics. For this contest, that means the prize pool is now larger than at the beginning of the contest.

1 BKS NFT = $175 USD

Again, here’s the link to the winners list:

What’s Next?

If you are one of the winners, expect to receive your BKS NFT and/or BKS tokens once the platform develops further and gets close to going live.

We should have artistic renders of the NFTs to show you soon. Initial renders look amazing, and we’re excited to unveil the BKS NFTs to all Backstagers.

Also, don’t think this will be the last such contest. We have more planned as we get closer to launch.

So, stay tuned. From new partnerships to Secret NFTs, there’s much more to come.

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