10 Benefits of Attending the Inaugural Backstage Fight Academy Experience

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5 min readDec 5, 2022

Ever wanted to learn what it’s like to be a professional fighter?

Now’s your chance.

Buy a Backstage Fight Academy (BFA) NFT, and you’ll be entered for a chance to train in person with UFC Fighter Kelvin Gastelum in Arizona.


You read that right. If you win the BFA NFT Experience Raffle, you’ll get to learn the ways of the fighting world from Kelvin Gastelum, a professional UFC Fighter in the Middleweight Division who’s amassed 17 victories during his impressive career.

Excited yet?

Here, we’ll discuss 10 benefits of attending the BFA Experience. After reading, you’ll be ready to put your gloves on and get in the ring!

1. Entry to the BFA Raffle is just $29 USD!

That’s all the money you need to enter the raffle. If you win, we’ll cover all the major expenses of your trip to Phoenix, Arizona, including the flight, hotel, transportation and meals.

All you have to do is show up! For just $29 USD, you enjoy the fighting experience of a lifetime.

2. You can experience what it’s like to be a professional fighter

Mixed martial arts training is a great way to not only challenge yourself, but you’ll also get to experience how the best of the best go about preparing for a fight. This will certainly open your eyes to a new world while improving your physical toughness and mental discipline.

As you may know, Kelvin Gastelum (KG) is returning to the UFC in January 2023. The Backstage Fight Academy Experience is your opportunity to work with KG as he’s preparing for competition in the world’s top MMA league.

3. Purchase of the $29 Raffle Ticket gives you lifetime membership in the Backstage Fight Academy

For just $29, you can become a lifetime member of the Backstage Fight Academy. This comes with numerous lifetime benefits, including:

  • Meet and greets with fighters (video calls, AMA sessions)
  • Free tickets and access to UFC events during the year
  • Video coaching (body training & mental coaching)
  • Live training camps onsite with MMA fighters
  • Participation in various raffles with the chance to win exciting and unique rewards
  • Even more exciting surprises will be revealed in future

You get all that just for entering the BFA NFT Raffle!

In the future, we plan to add more professional fighters to the Backstage Fight Academy. So, stay tuned.

4. There will be 15 lucky winners, so you have better chances of winning

It’s not like you’ll have a one in10,000 chance. Your odds of winning are much better, as there are 15 total winners.

Here’s the full list of perks and benefits for the Main Raffle Winner:

  • 1x Experience Camp with Kelvin Gastelum
  • 15x Exclusive Comeback NFTs (unlocks premium perks in the BFA Academy)

14 other Raffle Winners will receive all those perks and benefits:

  • 1x Pair of Gloves Signed by KG
  • 2x Shorts signed by KG
  • 1x Kelvin Gastelum Coach T-shirt from Ultimate Fighter Season 17, Signed by All Participants
  • 8x Comeback T-shirt Signed by KG
  • 2x UFC tickets

Click here to buy a BFT Raffle Ticket!

5. You can improve your fitness and confidence

Mixed martial arts classes are a wonderful way to boost your strength, endurance, agility and power. As an article from Evolve MMA attests, an MMA session may be better than a gym workout. Plus, it’s more fun and can boost your confidence, as you’re learning how to defend yourself.

Even better, you’ll know you’ll be learning from one of the most elite fighters in the world at the Backstage Fight Academy: UFC Fighter Kelvin Gastelum.

6. It’s a fun academy where everybody is welcome

No matter where you’re from or what your skill level is, you can join the Backstage Fight Academy. Everybody is welcome.

KG has fought some of the best fighters ever, including Israel Adesanya, and he’s also taught people of all experience levels. He’s excited to welcome you to the Backstage Fight Academy.

7. You’ll learn self-defense

You never know if a time will come when you have to protect yourself. Mixed martial arts training teaches you self-defense so that you can protect yourself when something unexpected happens.

At the Backstage Fight Academy, you’ll learn MMA skills under the structure and guidance of Kelvin Gastelum and other experienced instructors and fighters. By the end of the program, you’ll be much better at self-defense.

8. You get to travel

The Inaugural BFA Experience is being held in Phoenix, Arizona — a destination with lots of sunshine, ample entertainment and great food. Future camps will be amazing locations around the globe.

Buy a Raffle Ticket here. You just may win yourself a free trip.

9. You’ll improve mental focus and discipline

Scientific research has shown that those who train in martial arts are more focused and alert than those who haven’t. MMA sharpens your mental skills like no other because you have to process information and make decisions efficiently, as you’re moving around and trying to stop the other fighter.

You’ll recognize the benefits of MMA training outside the ring in the form of mental clarity, fast decision-making and enhanced confidence.

10. Spots are limited! You can be among the first BFA Members

The Backstage Fight Academy has just begun. Entry now offers you lifetime membership and the amazing opportunity to learn about this combat sport for years to come.

Take advantage of this moment by purchasing your BFA Raffle Ticket now. Go to this link to buy with credit card or crypto: https://bkstage.io/event/eventcard/7caffa6c-127b-4e76-8d7e-00e774936074

After purchase, you’ll be ready to train with Kelvin Gastelum and other fighters. And you’ll enjoy all the benefits listed here and more for a lifetime.

We hope to see you in the ring!